This website is about a unique way of teaching Spanish...
...and thus promises a unique learning experience for you.
Within ten minutes you'll be saying the simplest of sentences and, as you progress, the kinds of sentences you will be able to create and understand will become more complex. It's as easy as that.
This method of teaching is ideal for those wanting to learn how to communicate naturally with Spanish speakers or demonstrate a natural understanding of the language in an exam.
I expected the format to be similar to previous experiences. This was totally different in all aspects and much more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this course to others.
C.J.R.S. [Retired Project Manager]
A basic vocabulary is provided, and developed as the course progresses, however, the emphasis is on how to use the words in properly constructed sentences that will be understood by native Spanish speaker.. The course structure also provides the flexibility it needs to be adapted to individual abilities, taking each student along at a comfortable pace. It is very enjoyable and, above all, it is effective.
C.W. [Engineer]
  • Start as an absolute beginner or having already learned a little Spanish.
  • Progress through this curriculum or improve particular aspects of your Spanish for an exam.
  • Accelerate your progress with individual lessons at your own pace.
  • Share the learning and cost with a partner or friendship group.
  • Decide on a regular time in the week to suit you or arrange lessons week by week if you need to.
  • Have lessons in your own home or at a venue nearby or online.
  • Aim for a basic skill level to enhance your experience abroad or a deeper understanding for richer conversations with Spanish-speakers.
This method of teaching has been designed by Sandra Hosler B.Sc. Hons, a fully qualified teacher and Master Practitioner of NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.